Gift Baskets

Our Gift Bags/Baskets are suitable for anyone with a Peanut or Nut Allergy wrapped up in clear cellophane with a festive bow.

Choose from one of our Selections made with Brands you can trust: Vermont Nut Free Chocolates, Nudge Nudge Fudge, Dare, Surf Sweets and more.

To customize your Gift Bag or to create your own, please give us a call at 613-384-5100 and we would be happy to wrap up your creation.

Dark Chocolate Gift Bag: Dark Chocolate Skippers, Dark Chocolate Mini Twist Pretzels, Dark Chocolate Chunky Bar and small chocolate Fudge

Milk Chocolate Gift Bag: Milk Chocolate Skippers, Milk Chocolate Mini Twist Pretzels, Milk Chocolate Chunky Bar and small Pumpkin Fudge

Assorted Chocolate Gift Bag: Trail Mix; Assorted Chocolate Mini Twist Pretzels, small Jelly Beans, small Milk Chocolate Skippers and Dare Real Fruit Jubes.

We reserve the right to substitute items.

Additional Items: (subject to availability)

  • Chocolate, Maple, Pumpkin, Vanilla Fudge 80 gm or 200 gm
  • Milk or Dark Chocolate Skippers 16 oz or 2 oz
  • Dare Real Fruit Jubes
  • Mars Bar
  • Jelly Beans 16 oz or 2 oz
  • Chunky Chocolate Bars: Milk, Dark or Crispy
  • Small Chocolate Bars: Milk or Dark
  • Trail MIx
  • Mini Twist Pretzels: Milk, Dark, White or Assorted

Disclaimer: We have done our best to choose products that are clearly labelled Peanut-Free & Nut-Free but ultimately please review the products yourself.

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