Vermont Nut-Free Chocolates

Safari Cake Boutique is proud to carry Vermont Nut-Free Gourmet Chocolates - safe for those with any nut or peanut allergy. 

We stock the following Vermont Nut Free Chocolate Products: 

Nut-Free Chocolate covered Mini Twist Pretzels | Nut-Free Chocolate Coins wrapped in Gold Foil in a clear Treasure Chest | Skippers - #1 selling treat - delicious chocolate pieces covered in a colourful candy shell |  Nut-Free Trail Mix | Nut Free Chocolate Bars available in 2 sizes |  Cocoa |  Nut Free Baking Chocolate & Chips | Hot Cocoa/Hot Chocolate Mix  | Gummy Bears | Boxed Chocolates & so much more!

Ingredient and Allergen Information is listed with the individual products as listed on the Vermont Nut Free Chocolates website.

Boxed Caramels,Vermont Nut Free Chocolates and Caramels sold at Safari Cake Boutique. Solid Chocolate foil wrapped eggs in bright colours available in Milk Chocolate. Safari Cake Boutique is Nut Free and Peanut Free Bakery located in Kingston
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Grand Assortment - Boxed Chocolates
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Assorted Truffles
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Chocolate Advent Calendars
Chocolate Advent Calendars Sold Out - Call Us!
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Mini Twist Pretzels
Mini Twist Pretzels $10.49
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Skippers - Milk or Dark Chocolate
Skippers from $4.99
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Vermont Nut-Free Chunky Chocolate Bars - Crispy, Milk or Dark
Chocolate Bars - Large $10.99
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Vermont Nut-Free Hot Cocoa Mix
Hot Chocolate Powder $14.95
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Vermont Nut-Free Chocolate Coins at Safari Cake Boutique
Milk Chocolate Coins Sold Out - Call Us!
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16 oz Jelly Beans
Nut Free Jelly Beans from $8.75
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Vermont Nut-Free Milk Chocolate BarSafari Cakes, a Nut-Free Bakery in Kingston sells 100 % Nut Free Chocolate Candy bars made with Milk Chocolate. Order today. Chocolate orders can be delivered to your home or office in Kingston.
Chocolate Bars $3.25
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Trail Mix-The perfect combination of flavors for your snacking pleasure made by Vermont Nut-Free Chocolates. We sell gift baskets, cakes, cupcakes and more. Call Safari Cake Boutique today 613.384.5100
Nut-Free Trail Mix from $2.99
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Gummy Candy
Gummy Candies Sold Out - Call Us!
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Unsweetened Baking Chocolate
Unsweetened Baking Chocolate Sold Out - Call Us!
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Vermont Nut-Free Cocoa Powder
Cocoa Powder Sold Out - Call Us!
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Milk Chocolate Chips
Chocolate Baking Chips Sold Out - Call Us!
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Chocolate Candy Melts
Candy Melts Sold Out - Call Us!
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Safari Cake Boutique is Kingston's Peanut-Free and Nut-Free:

Bakery, Cake & Cupcake Shop, Chocolate & Candy Shop, & Gift Basket Boutique.

Safari Cake Boutique

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